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Coupling Machining Solutions

                                          Charpy V-Notch Test
                                          This standardized high strain rate test
                                          determines the amount of energy
                                          absorbed by a material during
                                          fracture. This absorbed energy is                      2     1
                                          a measure of a given material’s
                                          toughness and acts as a tool to study
                                          temperature-dependent ductile-
                                          brittle transition. It is widely applied
                                          in industry, since it is easy to prepare
                                          and conduct and results can be
                                          obtained quickly and cheaply.

                                          Roughing Operation
                                          Solid Carbide Milling
                                          Range: Ø3-25 mm (Ø.113-.985”)

                                          Revolutionary CHATTERFREE solid carbide
                                          endmills provide improved dampening
                                          performance, resulting in 20-25% longer
                                          tool life, even at large metal removal rates.

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                                          Finishing Operation
                                          Solid Carbide Milling
                                          Range: Ø6-25 mm (Ø.236-.984”)

                                          ISCAR offers new 4 and 5 flute, 38º helix
                                          endmills with variable pitch for roughing
                                          and finishing operations.
                                          The new EC…CF solid endmills and
                                          MM EC...CF MULTI-MASTER milling heads
                                          feature excellent chatter dampening
                                          ability, due to their variable pitch.

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