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Wellheads Machining Solutions X-Max Tree

                                          The “easy oil” era has come to an end;
                                          nine out of ten of the world’s giant
                                          oil fields are being depleted. The next
                                          frontier relies on the deepwater and
                                          ultra-deepwater exploration research
                                          which is critical to unlocking more oil to
                                          meet the world's growing demand.
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                                          Double-Sided Triangular Milling
                                          Inserts with 6 Cutting Edges
                                   1      Range: Ø50-200 mm (Ø1.96-7.87”)

                                          This revolutionary design of triangular
                                          inserts, coupled with a rigid pocket
                                          design, provides extremely high durability
                                          and very stable performance. The tools
                                          can machine accurate 90° shoulders
                                          up to 14 mm (0.55") depth, and in
                                          addition perform slotting, ramping
                                          down and facing operations.                                1

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                                   2      Rough Boring

                                          The growing demand for machining
                                          H.T.A. (High Temperature Alloy) has led
                                          ISCAR to develop a unique ISO insert
                                          suitable for machining H.T.A. materials
                                          more efficiently.
                                          ISO-TURN insert with 4 cutting edges
                                          for truncated radius.
                                          A configuration which facilitates
                                          heat transfer from the cutting area.


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