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Wellheads Machining Solutions X-Max Tree

                                                 Rough Helical Interpolation
              Inconel Cladding                   Range: Ø25-160 mm (Ø.985-6.3”)         3

                                                ROUND LINE
                                                 Milling cutters that can carry either
                                                 round inserts with a serrated cutting
                                                 edge or regular round inserts.
                                                 The serrated insert has four indexing
                                                 orientation options and minimize
                                                 chamfering in long overhang
                                                 interpolation, (Wellheads
                                                 bottom face holes).

                                                 3 3 3 3 3 3

                                                 Precise Boring

                                                 High accuracy in boring operations
                                                 have a strong impact on the machining
                                                 process strategy to be adopted on the
                                                 production floor. The wide range of
                                                 tools offered by ISCAR’s ITSBORE system
                                                 brings the best solution for stiffness and
                                                 precision in boring operations.

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