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NPA 43/2018


New Inserts for Drilling Aluminum with DR-TWIST Drills

ISCAR has added the SOGT 120408-AL and AOGT 040204-90AL inserts for drilling aluminum and other non-metallic materials with DR-TWIST drills.

The new 04 and 12 insert sizes complement the 05, 06, 07 and 09 mm sizes that are already available.
The new inserts are peripherally ground and feature sharp cutting edges and polished rake for clear cuts, preventing chip adhesion. They are available in the uncoated hard grade IC08. These inserts extend the material application options of the 12 to 44 mm diameter DR-D-N drills by adding the capability of drilling aluminum and other non-ferrous parts.

Inserts for DR Drills
• Used on 12-13.5 mm DR drills
(1) For low carbon steel and soft materials.

Inserts for DR Drills for Aluminum
• Sharp cutting edge with polished rake for aluminum

Machining Data for DR Drills
(1) Central insert should always be IC808/IC908
• This table refers to 2/3xD drill lengths. For 4xD and 5XD drills, decrease cutting data by 25-30%
• When using only external coolant supply, reduce cutting speed by 10%
• Use internal coolant supply when machining austenitic stainless steel

The NPA43-2018's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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