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Drill Bits Machining Solutions

                                          Drill bits are part of the downhole   drill string, and is responsible for actually
                                          equipment used to dig down into the   making contact with the subsurface layers,
                                          earth's crust. Like a common hand-held   and drilling through them. The drill bit is
                                          drill, the spinning of the drill bit allows for  responsible for breaking up and dislodging
                                          penetration of even the hardest rock. The  rock, sediment, and anything else that
                                          drill bit is located at the bottom end of the  may be encountered while drilling.

                                          Carbide Bit Holes
                                   1      Range: Ø6-32.9 mm (Ø.236-1.295”)

                                          SUMOCHAM comprises a revolutionary
                                          clamping system that enables
                                          improvement in productivity output rates,
                                          while enabling more insert indexes.
                                          Uses standard 1.5xD drill head.
                                          Point angle can be offered from
                                          130° up to 180° with corner radius.

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                             170°                     R=0.5      180°
                                   R=0.5                               R=0.5

                                          Slot Milling
                                   2      Range: Ø6-25.4 mm (Ø.0236-1.00”)

                                          A family of tools with unique
                                          interchangeable heads, for a
                                          variety of milling applications
                                          including ball nose, straight
                                          shoulder, slitting and
                                          slotting applications.

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