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In a world of different languages and different mentalities, it is important to have a fully equipped, knowledgeable, "local" supplier, to meet your needs. ISCAR knows this. We have subsidiary offices and agents located in 52 major industrial countries. In some of the larger countries, regional offices have been opened to bring ISCAR personnel and facilities as close as possible to customer production sites. Each of our subsidiary offices, and many of our agents, maintain fully staffed offices complete with technical personnel that are native to the country in which they are working. Within many of our subsidiaries are fully equipped training centers. These centers are dedicated to providing a local location where metalworking personnel can be trained in the latest techniques and products for metal removal. Where it is not possible, or practical, for a group to come to us, seminars are held in the companies' facilities, many times on the production floor. To maintain just-in-time deliveries of specially tailored tools, ISCAR has manufacturing facilities in each of the following countries:

In Europe:
The Netherlands
United Kingdom
In the Americas:
United States of America
In Asia:
South Korea

ISCAR will continue to open new, fully integrated manufacturing facilities to meet market demands. ISCAR is truly a global company meeting the needs of industry worldwide. ISCAR, dedicated to improving productivity.

ISCAR Seminar Activities
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