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France Manager
Mr. Frédéric Bonnarang
Président Directeur génér
ISCAR FRANCE was organized in 1985 with offices in the Paris vicinity. Since then, the company has experienced steady growth, of about 1% market share each year.

The customers of ISCAR FRANCE benefit from a variety of the most modern and efficient equipment, including a sophisticated computer system that is capable of efficiently processing the hundreds of orders received each day. The totally computerized European Central warehouse located in Belgium supports the ISCAR FRANCE logistics center. The company maintains a unique seminar facility for customer and in-house training along with a fully equipped technical center for tool demonstrations and machining tests.

ISCAR FRANCE maintains its own local manufacturing facility for specially tailored tools. Its tool design center is equipped with several CAD stations, including CATIA, and is linked to the worldwide ISCAR network. The company’s most valuable assets are its human capital, technically oriented sales engineers. They are organized on a regional basis to enable them to visit customers all over the country. ISCAR application engineers are always available to assist customers in solving their complex machining problems and Product Managers are on-call to provide technical support and handle requests for special tooling.

ISCAR FRANCE maintains an automotive team dedicated to the specific industry with process engineers to assist customers in optimizing their machining processes.

The company also has a very dedicated general and administrative staff for superior customer service.

ISCAR FRANCE has an extensive network of local professional distributors, that brings ISCAR’s innovative products to each enduser. ISCAR FRANCE features unique tool management software, marketed under the brand name ITMS, that helps customers improve their efficiency, reduce their tooling costs through better purchasing, assist in stock management and tool presetting.

Other local value added services include single-source supply and turnkey projects.

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