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ISCAR Poland Sp. z o.o.

Poland Manager
Sławomir Mariański
General Manager
ISCAR POLAND, located in the industrial city of Katowice, provides the Polish market with the latest innovations in metal cutting tools.
In order for Polish industry to compete in today’s international markets, it is important that industries are operating as efficiently as possible. ISCAR, with the world’s most innovative cutting tools, is assisting Polish manufacturers in attaining and maintaining their place as world-class manufacturers. An additional value-added feature of ISCAR POLAND is its full inventory of ISCAR’s standard tools.

ISCAR POLAND is able to make immediate deliveries to customers throughout the
country — customers benefit because they do not have to maintain their own stock of ISCAR standard tools. ISCAR POLAND maintains a team of field-support sales engineers in all major manufacturing areas in Poland. Additional personnel are available in the Katowice office providing extensive customer support. Local customer training is provided in regularly scheduled seminars.

For additional information, please see our local site on the Internet at
ul. Gospodarcza 14
40-432 Katowice
Tel:+48 32 735 77 00
Tel/Fax:+48 15 865 22 50
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