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ISCAR Japan Ltd.

Japan Manager
Mr. Okada
Rep. Director
The headquarters of ISCAR JAPAN is located in the industrial city of Osaka. This office provides the engineering, logistics, marketing and commercial support for all local ISCAR activities, including the 16 branch offices located throughout Japan. About 100 staff members are working at ISCAR JAPAN. Each ISCAR JAPAN office is fully staffed with professional sales engineers, providing assistance to customers in their local area.
These ISCAR JAPAN professionals are experts in the art of metal cutting. The Central Office is in Osaka and a fully computer-integrated warehouse is in Kobe, are able to efficiently process orders and provide next-day deliveries of standard items throughout the country. The Kobe warehouse is also on-line with all other ISCAR regional and local warehouses worldwide, ensuring availability and the fastest possible delivery to local customers. Also located in the Kobe facility is a multimedia auditorium and technical center, used regularly for new product presentations and customer training.

For additional information, please see our local Japanese language site on the Internet at
Senri Asahi Hankyu Bldg. 20F
1-5-3 Shinsenri-Higashimachi
Toyonaka-shi Osaka 560-0082
Tel.: +81-6-6835-5471
Fax.: +81-6-6835-5472
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