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Serbia ISCAR TOOLS d.o.o.

Serbia Manager
Željko Vlašić
ISCAR, a multinational company with headquarter in Tefen - Israel, is one of the world’s biggest cutting tools manufacturer.
High quality assurance is based on using advanced technologies in development and tool design, enabling increased productivity, cost saving in manufacturing and market competitiveness.
For the markets of Republics of Serbia and Montenegro, ISCAR is represented by ISCAR TOOLS d.o.o. office located in Belgrade - Serbia and a branch office in Užice. Our well-trained and experienced sales engineers team will help clients with any technical issues. We provide fast and efficient service to our customers through automated global warehouse network, data bases, as well as customer support and logistics teams.
ISCAR is also organize lectures and workshops in Serbia and world-wide, and actively supporting education of young graduates. We promote our products in more than 75 international exhibitions yearly.
For all additional information please see our local site on the Internet at
Autoput 22
11080 Zemun
Tel +381 11 314 90 38
Fax +381 11 314 91 47
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